Invoice Alert : Scam Notices for Payment of IP Fees

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Have you received scam invoices for payment of trade mark or patent fees? Do not be misled! If you receive a notice which raises any doubts in your mind, please contact us for advice.

Numerous clients have contacted us after receiving invoices from third parties requesting payment of trade mark or patent fees.

Although the invoices look like real invoices from an official source, the required fees do not relate to the processing of your trade mark or patent application.  The services alleged to be provided add no value to your IP right.

There are many examples of organisations sending such unofficial invoices to our clients, including:

  • WPTO – World Patent & Trademark Organization
  • WIPO – World Intelligent Property Organizatio (Not to be confused with the official World Intellectual Property Organisation)
  • IPTO – International Patent & Trademark Organization
  • WIPD – World Intellectual Property Database
  • IPT Patents
  • IP World

Don’t be misled!  Unscrupulous companies and individuals are trying to defraud you into paying them fees.  We urge you to contact us directly if you have any uncertainty about the IP invoices you receive.

If required, we can assist you by arranging for Mills Oakley to become the address for service for your IP rights.  All renewal notices and correspondence will then be sent to Mills Oakley and we can provide you with a summary of your IP portfolio, including timely reminders for payment of any official fees.  This will help to ease the uncertainty about your payment of unofficial invoices.

One less thing for you to worry about.

Your Investment.  Your Innovation.  Your Brand. We think they are worth protecting.

For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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