Mike Roberts

Mike Roberts is one of the two founding partners of specialist insurance firm Vardanega Roberts in 1992 joining Mills Oakley in 2022. He has deep and narrow expertise in insurance since 1983, providing strategy and innovative solutions to complex claims.

Mike has had enormous success in cost-effective risk-shared national recovery programs for local and Lloyd’s clients, delivering value, huge returns and insight into loss ratios. He has a special insight into compliance, Privacy, data protection and in programming and software development.

Mike loves working collaboratively with underwriters to develop new insurance products, drafting, simplifying and updating wordings suitable for online platforms, ensuring compliance.

Michael has strong communication skills presenting to London Market Association at Lloyd's in 2016 – 2019, Training programs on Liability, Estimating and Recoveries to local underwriters especially Strata from 2010 to 2022. His clients include CHU, SCI, JLL, Gard, ISS and several local coverholders and Lloyd’s syndicates.


Mike’s expertise includes:

  • Strata Insurance claims and recoveries
  • Defending personal injury public liability and product liability claims including catastrophic injuries and injuries to children including molestation
  • Insurance claims and recoveries in
    • insurance property claims,
    • construction,
    • heavy motor
    • fraud, and
    • Accident and Health
  • Coverage advice and indemnity, Policy wordings drafting and reviews

Recent Projects

  • NSW Supreme Court subrogated recovery litigation involving a fire at a coal mine – Quantum $8m (2022).
  • NSW Supreme Court subrogated recovery litigation involving failure of a pipe owned by a water authority -over 100 plaintiffs – Quantum $1.5m (2017-2022).
  • NSW Supreme Court subrogated recovery litigation involving fire in a café – Quantum $5m (2020-2022).
  • Acting for an owners corporation for supply of 400 defective windows (2022).
  • Defending two brain injury claims Supreme courts in Victoria and NSW.
  • Defending a child death claim in Perth (2019).
  • Defending a fraud public liability claim in Melbourne (2021).
  • Policy reviews for three Lloyd’s syndicates and two local cover holders (current).
  • Coverage advices for ISR and Strata Insurers (2022).

Professional Memberships / Accreditation & Activities

  • Recommended Defendant, Public Liability Lawyer, Doyles’ Guide





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