Natalie Butler

Natalie has significant government sector experience. She’s advised government and quasi-government clients on a broad range of public law and regulatory matters.

With more than 20 years’ experience as a privacy practitioner supporting government and private clients, she’s particularly knowledgeable about data privacy compliance, privacy risk management and data governance. She’s most recently applied her information law expertise to digital transformation projects, helping clients to maximise the value of data assets in ways that are legally and ethically sound.

Natalie champions a privacy-by-design ethos to policy design, customer experience, service strategies and technical solutions. She’s also an advocate for embracing a genuine multi-disciplinary approach to legal advising, risk management and compliance to enhance the longevity, and value, of legal risk strategies and solutions.


Natalie’s expertise includes:

  • Privacy Impact Assessments (PIAs) and privacy threshold assessments (PTAs)
  • Data breach notifications and managing privacy complaints
  • Administrative law, privacy and data governance analysis for risk assessments conducted in parallel with PIAs e.g. algorithm impact and data ethics assessments
  • Information law advice, advocacy and submissions on:
    • privacy; freedom of information (FOI); archives; data accessibility and transparency legislation; and
    • statutory secrecy/confidentiality regimes
  • Development and review of enterprise wide privacy management models
  • Data sharing arrangements and data supply chain mapping
  • Alignment of automated/augmented decision-making solutions with administrative law principles and privacy requirements
  • Merits and judicial review
  • Legislative schemes, development and implementation
  • Complaints management, including investigation and resolution
  • Legal risk management and legal services delivery in a ScaledAgile project management environment. Supporting projects to deliver minimum viable products (MVPs) and modifying risk management strategies as solutions are scaled

Recent Projects

  • PIAs for various government digital account enabled services and transactions.
  • Advice about the development of, and readiness for, automated decision making and augmented decision making solutions.
  • Strategic management and critique of PIAs for:
    • large scale digital transformation projects for streamlined payments and associated service delivery
    • shared ICT service solutions e.g. data lake environments and shared platforms.
  • Data supply chain analysis and benchmarking data flows against customer/ user experience; user journeys; service strategies and technical solutions to guide the development of MVPs.
  • Life event mapping from a legislation and privacy perspective, to inform solution design and service strategies.
  • Advice about the development/ deployment of predictive analytics solutions to statutory decision making frameworks, customer management and service strategies.
  • Designated data privacy subject matter expert for various transformation projects, beta trials and proof of concepts (PoCs).  Actively engaged in all project stages from discovery, design, alpha/beta, delivery and implementation.

Professional Memberships / Accreditation & Activities

  • Recognised Lawyer, Government Practice, The Best Lawyers Australia
  • Completed SAFe Agilist (Leading SAFe), Scaled Agile Inc




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