Special Counsel

Natalie Sandman

Natalie assists clients with all issues arising at the end of marriage, de facto or same sex relationships. Natalie also provides advice about asset protection for clients entering into new relationships or during relationships.

Natalie has extensive experience advising on all aspects of family law including across state and international boundaries in respect of financial, parenting, divorce and child support disputes.

Natalie is dedicated and committed to meeting the needs of her clients. Whilst Natalie has extensive experience in litigated matters, she is dedicated to working with clients to resolve their matters swiftly providing practical solutions.

She has a genuine interest in striving to achieve tailored outcomes for her clients that provide them with closure following a difficult stage of life, individually and for their family.


Natalie’s expertise includes:

  • Experienced in advocacy and the preparation and presentation of matters for Family Court litigation where a negotiated outcome cannot be achieved
  • Promotes the resolution of disputes respectfully whilst managing the often complex and adversarial circumstances surrounding relationship breakdowns
  • Applications for interim financial support and the urgent preservation of assets
  • Living and other arrangements for children including where there is high conflict and/or risk to children and resolving matters relating to schooling arrangements, travel arrangements and medical procedures, as well as Child Support matters including private agreements
  • Relocation of children overseas and interstate
  • Hague Convention international child abduction matters and local child recovery matters
  • Family Violence matters including Family Violence Restraining Order applications
  • Matters involving farming assets and incorporating factors related to the farm’s succession planning and third-party applications for a distribution
  • Advising high-net-wealth individuals and those with trusts, corporate entities and family businesses and making applications for specific orders relating to business operations
  • Binding Financial Agreement documenting arrangements for assets before a relationship commences, during relationships and after the breakdown of a relationship
  • Works with accountants and financial planners to consider the most financially effective way to structure the division of assets

Recent Projects

  • Acting in numerous contested property and parenting proceedings requiring higher level representation.
  • Acting in international and domestic child relocation matters, both for the party seeking to relocate and the party opposing same.
  • Negotiating and assisting to resolve matters involving complex parenting and financial issues to avoid protracted litigation.





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