Matthew Kelly

Matthew has more than 15 years’ experience working with major financial institutions, alternate lender and the top insolvency practitioners in Australia in litigious and non-litigious scenarios.

He has worked extensively with all stakeholders in the restructuring and insolvency sphere, across a broad range of industries, including working with companies in financial distress and directors.

Matthew is trusted by his clients for giving exceptional legal and strategic advice in a timely fashion when matters have to be resolved commercially in a short period of time. Whilst he has vast experience in general commercial litigation, it is Matthew’s aim to keep his clients out of court to achieve their desired outcome.

He has acted for CBA, ANZ and NAB, various hedge funds and insolvency practitioners in all forms of corporate insolvency and in non-formal roles.


Matthew’s expertise includes:

  • Advising  insolvency practitioners on first day of appointment
  • Acting for insolvency practitioners, including in court, during insolvency appointment
  • Developing a commercial strategic approach to best executing recoveries for creditors
  • Advising directors of companies in or nearing insolvency or financial distress.



Special Counsel

Amy Sheggerud-Woods