Damian Ward

Damian has practised in commercial disputes in New South Wales and around Australia since 1996.

As a disputes lawyer, Damian places emphasis on the prompt and commercially advantageous settlement of business problems. Whilst litigation is a necessary evil, Damian sees the resolution of commercial issues as his main charter and role. This involves early dialogue with opponents to identify issues in dispute (with an emphasis on the real issues rather than posturing for strategic purposes), identifying the strengths and weakness of his client’s position in the context of the problem and then identifying strategies and avenues of resolution.

In Damian’s view litigation is truly a last resort. That being said, when litigation is needed Damian stands ready to provide an efficient and always effective service when preparing for and entering into Court.


Damian’s expertise includes:

  • Early dispute resolution
  • Deep understanding of the law of real property, contract, misleading and deceptive conduct, equity and unconscionable conduct in the context of disputes
  • Conduct of claims in The High Court of Australia, The Federal Court, The Supreme Courts of NSW, Victoria, Queensland, and the ACT
  • Advocacy
  • Preparation and conduct of a wide range of commercial disputes
  • Mediation and alternate dispute resolution.

Recent projects

  • Advising an international financial institution on risk and management of disputes in relation to secured and unsecured loan recoveries.
  • Advising a major Chinese property development corporation on prospective acquisition of sites and commercialisation of them in NSW.
  • Advising on a compulsory acquisition of premises in relation to the Sydney rail development.
  • Advising on and acting in Court of Appeal litigation in NSW dealing with the terms and nature of easements over land.
  • Advising on various developments for and on behalf of developers and builders as the case may be in property and construction related disputes.





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