The Mills Oakley strata team is able to provide services in respect of strata and community developments in all areas, with a focus on NSW (although also providing services in ACT, Queensland, Victoria and Western Australia).

Mills Oakley’s Planning & Environment team are particularly well-known for their ability to assist clients to secure and implement planning approval for urban development projects.

Mills Oakely’s Property team is able to provide assistance to developers dealing with strata and community association projects, including drafting By-Laws, Community & Building Management Statements, and all other aspects of establishing and selling such developments.

Our Planning and Property teams are able to assist strata schemes and other relevant stakeholders dealing with proposed developments or infrastructure projects adjoining or affecting them, in ensuring they are aware of their rights and remedies.

Mills Oakley’s Building and Construction team is able to assist in drafting, negotiating and advising on all varieties of building and construction contracts (including remedial and upgrade contracts for existing strata schemes) as well as having vast experience in a wide variety of construction disputes and litigation, including payment claims under the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act 1999 (NSW) (and the equivalent legislation in other states).

Mills Oakley’s Strata team comprises of premier residential building defects lawyers, with extensive experience acting for owners corporations (and lot owners) against builders, developers, sub-contractors, designers, certifiers and others. The team runs major claims in all jurisdictions, including the NSW Supreme Court, NSW Court of Appeal and the High Court of Australia, as well as other state and federal jurisdictions. At the same time, our depth of experience helps us provide efficient and cost-effective solutions for even the smallest of claims such as in the NSW Local Court and NSW Civil & Administrative Tribunal (NCAT).

Mills Oakley’s Strata and Property teams also have experience in advising on amending By-Laws and Community & Building Management Statements, dealing with various management disputes including building management contract disputes, and various types of strata and community disputes (including in NCAT’s Strata & Community Schemes Division).

Our Commercial Disputes & Insolvency team is able to assist in debt recovery for unpaid levies, in a cost effective and efficient manner given their experience in debt recovery for a large range of clients of all sizes nation-wide.

Our Technology, Media & Telecommunications team has experience in negotiating leases and access rights with telecommunications companies that many strata schemes have to deal with as desirable sites for infrastructure or as part of the upgrading of such utilities to customers including in strata buildings.

Mills Oakley takes a firm wide approach to the strata and community sector, knowing that it often takes a spectrum of skills and experience to provide the service that clients in the sector require.

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