In MOtion – Louise Cantrill

November, 2017

In this edition of In MOtion, we chat with Sydney’s newest partner, Louise Cantrill, on all things AI, skiing and her trepidations regarding hard rock.

Tell us about your practice and your key areas of expertise.

My insurance practice is unusual because I am both a specialist litigator and front-end technical advisor. I started life as a litigator and have over 20 years’ experience looking after disputes.

I’ve used this litigation experience to inform my transactional and technical insurance advice, providing strategic and transformational business advice to boards and management on personal and business risk mitigation, negotiation and drafting across a wide range of risk scenarios. I know how things will get pulled apart if they go wrong!

What do you enjoy most about your practice?

Finding solutions and creating opportunities that matter to the client. In litigation this may be an advantageous resolution after strategic evidence preparation. On the technical side it may be using insurance as a risk management tool so that a particular risk that may have been a road block to the transaction is taken off the table. I love working as part of a team.

What is the best advice you have ever received?

While life can be full of compromises, stay true to the things that are important to you. And remember to enjoy the moment!

How do you see the legal sector changing over the next five years?

I think the legal sector is undergoing a transformation which will make many areas of practice unrecognizable in 5 years. Artificial Intelligence is not just changing the legal process, it is providing alternative legal solutions. Look at AI providing mediated outcomes in the family law arena, platforms like Vario providing piecemeal document drafting, and the lawyerless legal office that just opened in a Darwin shopping centre. Lawyers will need to change the way they do business to stay relevant to clients, who are looking for service providers who will partner with them to provide solutions.

What have been the highlights of your career so far?

I have worked on some major insolvency matters where insurance was the only asset of the administration to provide returns to mum and dad investors, some high profile coronials which have resulted in significant changes to the health system, major corporate restructures in both government and corporate business. The highlights all revolve around teamwork for me. I’ve also enjoyed being able to mentor more junior colleagues and see them grow and develop.

What about life outside of work – what do you get up to in your leisure time?

I love skiing, travel, the beach, live music of any sort (almost, maybe not hard rock…), singing, good wine, laughing with friends.

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