Class Actions

During the period 1968 to 1987, Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the head of and the administrator of a group of adults and children constituting a sect known as “The Family”. It is alleged that during this period, the children in the sect were subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment at the direction of Anne Hamilton-Byrne.

Mills Oakley commenced proceedings in the Supreme Court of Victoria on 1 August 2017 on behalf of those persons who were raised as Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s children within the Family, and who suffered injury (whether physical or psychological) as a result of actions of Anne Hamilton-Byrne and or her servants or agents.

If you were raised in the Family as Anne Hamilton-Byrne’s child in this period and were subjected to cruel and inhumane treatment, you may be entitled to compensation.

The deadline for group members to opt-out of this proceeding is 4.00pm on 27 September 2018.
Download the opt-out notice here.

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