The Property Mill Queensland – 27 January 2015

January, 2015

In the Media

Corporate and municipal sectors drive green bond explosion

Rapid growth in the green bond sector continued in 2014, shows US$36.6 billion worth of bonds issued. Data from the UK-based Climate Bonds Initiative revealed that new entrants including corporations and municipalities accounting for almost 50 per cent of all green bonds issued in 2014 (15 January 2015)

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Commercial property market buoyed by record industrial sales volume in 2014

Australia’s commercial property market rose to new heights in 2014, with the industrial market a key driver underpinning the $26.8 billion in property sales that changed hands during the year, according to CBRE Research (12 January 2014)

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Clean energy sector ‘uninvestable’ due to renewable energy target uncertainty

Uncertainty surrounding the renewable energy target (RET) has made the large-scale sector of the industry in Australia “uninvestable”, a clean energy analyst says (12 January 2015)

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Planning reform needed to reduce new housing costs

Reform of Queensland’s planning and development assessment system is needed to reduce the cost of new housing for Queenslanders, according to the Property Council of Australia (19 January 2015)

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Galilee Basin water project a ‘win-win’ for miners and farmers

Approval is being sought for a major river diversion project in north Queensland, which aims to provide a reliable source of water for miners and irrigations (06 January 2015)

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Ships carry dangerous cargo near Great Barrier Reef

The International Transport Workers’ Federation has raised concerns about Flag-of-Convenience (FOC) vessels transporting highly dangerous cargoes around Australia’s coast and Great Barrier Reef. FOC ships are notorious for breaching safety and environmental codes internationally and are utilised by companies in an attempt to flout environmental, safety, labour and tax regulations worldwide (07 January 2015)

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First plans for Queen’s Wharf Brisbane

Deputy Premier and Minister for State Development, Infrastructure and Planning has revealed the design concepts submitted by two major consortiums competing for the multi-billion dollar Brisbane Queen’s Wharf Integrated Resort Development (22 December 2014)

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Aquis Resort approved by Coordinator General

The Queensland’s independent Coordinator General has approved the $8.15 billion Aquis Resort near Cairns project’s Environmental Impact Statement. The Coordinator General’s assessment did not consider the project’s separate application for a gaming licence through the Integrated Resort Development process (18 December 2014)

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Published- Articles, Papers, Reports

Subsidisation of Abbot Point coal port expansion / The Australia Institute; Rod Campbell

This briefing note argues that, despite the Queensland Treasurer calling for cost benefit analysis to be done for all major government projects, there has been no economic assessment for the Abbot Point expansion proposals (15 January 2015)

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Mirvac Queensland Pty Ltd & Anor v Principal Body Corporate for the Ephraim Island [2014] QCAT 649

BODY CORPORATE – COMPLEX DISPUTE – JOINDER – whether parties’ interests are affected – whether discretion to join should be exercised – no articulated cause of action or indemnity sought

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Vie Management Pty Ltd ATF The Doriean Family Trust v Body Corporate for Gallery Vie [2014] QCAT 660

INTERIM INJUNCTION – whether balance of convenience justifies terms to encompass financier’s appointment of receiver and manager – where contractual arrangements between caretaker and financier give right to financier to appoint receiver and manager – where appointment of receiver and manager prejudices caretaker – whether balance of convenience justifies terms to prevent costs thrown away by body corporate in convening extraordinary general meeting to resolve to terminate agreements – where any costs thrown away outweighed by caretaker’s significant loss of business – where extraordinary general committee meeting convened at behest of body corporate in any event – where body corporate changed terms of proposed consent orders to encompass extraordinary general meeting – where costs thrown away due to body corporate’s own actions

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Cryer v Jennings and Newman [2014] QCAT 593

NEIGHBOUR DISPUTE — COMPENSATION FOR DAMAGE BY TREES — where the neighbour seeks compensation for property damage where tree roots have affected the integrity of a retaining wall – where the tree keepers accept responsibility for the damage – where no further damage is anticipated due to the removal of the trees

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