Social media – the future of fundraising?

March, 2011

Our American friends have been innovative once again. We are referring to the new website, which was created a year ago in February 2010. Jumo, a non-profit organisation, is a social network connecting individuals and third sector organisations with the agenda of “changing the world”.

The website was founded and is directed by Mr Chris Hughes, who was the co-founder of Facebook and was also the director of online campaigning for Barack Obama’s 2008 Presidential campaign.

The global change challenge

This innovative website wishes to find a solution to the difficulties faced by individuals around the world who wish to donate their time, skills and money to causes and charitable organisations in which the individuals have a specific interest.

The Jumo solution

It is the objective of Jumo to address this challenge of matchmaking, so to speak, socially aware individuals with particular organisations through using social media, more specifically Facebook. Each individual and organisation who participates in Jumo are given their own profile page in Facebook.

The benefit for individuals

Individuals can follow a project or issue through Jumo by receiving the latest news and information about the cause and the organisation’s work. Such individuals are informed as to why their support is important and how they can help the particular cause/organisation.

The benefit for organisations

Organisations create their own profiles on the Jumo website. It is even possible for an organisation’s profile page to have a “donate button”. However, as this is an American website, only organisations which are registered as charities within the United States can have such a button.

Why is Jumo different?

Jumo professes to be different from other online platforms in that its aim is to create long lasting relationships between individuals and charitable organisations. Jumo is not interested in the one off donation, but aims to build an informed community of people invested in the long-term successes of effective organisations.

We could not find any objective data on how successful, or conversely unsuccessful, Jumo has been in its first year of operation. One would assume, however, given Facebook’s phenomenal popularity, that such a website would inevitably enjoy some level of success, which must translate into success for all the charities which have signed up to participate in this innovative profile raising forum.

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