In the Media – March 2014

March, 2014

Telstra ownership laws may be next
Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull says the government could consider changing laws that restrict the number of foreign parties that can invest in Telstra by the end of the year.

Report: lifting foreign investment for future food security
A new report on food security in the Asia Pacific region recommends that Australia lift foreign investment restrictions on farmland and agri-businesses in order to capitalise on growing demand for agricultural products.

‘$5 million visas’ for Chinese rich could be invested in start-ups
A program that provides residency visas to Chinese and other millionaires with $5 million to invest in Australia is set to be expanded.

Chinese buyers to invest $44b in Australian real estate
Global investment bank Credit Suisse expects Chinese nationals to sink around $44 billion into Australian residential real estate over the next seven years.


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