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January, 2016

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Genevieve Yates is a Law Graduate in our Brisbane office, currently completing a rotation in the Commercial Disputes & Insolvency team. In this profile, she gives us an insight into the challenges, the caffeine and curve balls of graduate life at Mills Oakley.

What is a typical day in the life of a law graduate?

Generally, each night before I leave work I will write myself a list of tasks I have to complete the next day. When I arrive at work (after about 8 shots of coffee), if nothing has landed in my inbox the night before I work down my list throughout the day. That’s the dream…but at least, 9/10 times I will be given (naturally urgent) jobs to complete which throw out my day entirely. On days like those, the most urgent cases get prioritised and I work my way down from there.

What do you find most challenging about your work?

Given the (very early) stage of my career, I would have to say the fact that every job I am given at the moment is novel in some way and I often feel like I am being thrown curve balls. Having said that, I also really enjoy the challenge and feel like I am constantly learning.

How would you sum up your job in three words?

Challenging, exciting…and character building.

Who has been a key mentor?

Scott Coulthart (Special Counsel, Corporate Advisory) has been exceptionally supportive of me and has really gone out of his way to mentor me in all things intellectual property – which is an area of law that I have always been passionate about.

I have also recently started my rotation in litigation and Stephen Dickens (Partner, Commercial Disputes & Insolvency) has also been incredibly supportive and welcoming of me into the team and I am really enjoying everything I am learning in litigation so far.

What has been a highlight of the graduate program?

Definitely everything I have learnt, and continue to learn on a daily basis, about the areas of law that I have been lucky enough to rotate into. I also love going to court, so that’s always a highlight. Also the invaluable experience of working in a large, growing law firm with a premier client base.

Would you rather be on a survival reality show or dating game show?

I would have to say a dating game show, purely because I think I would fail miserably on a survival show…I’m sure my boyfriend will understand!

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