Government to deliver all major services digitally by default: how will it be done?

January, 2015

The Minister for Communications, Malcolm Turnbull, and the Abbott government have made it clear that they wish departments and agencies to engage with more innovative ways to deliver services by announcing the establishment of a Digital Transformation Office (DTO) to promote digital service delivery by default from start to finish.

The Minister stated on 29 January 2015 “this means that in time, for all major services, users will no longer need to visit a shop front or sit on the phone to a call centre.” From our experience it is clear that the ICT space is in a highly disruptive and rapidly moving phase with significant changes occurring in market offering in a cycle of six months or less. Many may question how a transition from agencies still sending “about 250 million letters and managing 150 million over-the-counter interactions a year” will occur?

The DTO will be modelled on the UK’s Government Digital Services who state “the best way to build effective services is to start small and iterate wildly. Release Minimum Viable Products early, test them with real users, move from Alpha to Beta to Launch adding features and refinements based on feedback from real users. Iteration reduces risk. It makes big failures unlikely and turns small failures into lessons. This avoids the 200 page spec document which can turn into a bottleneck. This, again, is the core advantage of digital: we’re not building bridges — things can be undone.”

While this may be a new and innovative approach for government, and a logical progression to the implementation of the Cloud First Policy, Minister Turnbull states “this is an area where government can learn a great deal from business.” Agencies and departments however have additional considerations and will need to remain mindful of their Commonwealth legal and policy requirements and ensure value for money engagement with risk, compliance with PGPA Act and Commonwealth resource management requirements.

Through our in-depth knowledge of the market we have analysed current and past vendor offerings and can assist departments and agencies:

a. design and implement effective ICT as a consumable service solution;
b. streamline internal cloud approvals;
c. provide certification or sign off on compliance with all requirements including information privacy and security considerations.


We have extensive experience in strategic sourcing and implementation in the ICT sector including knowledge and experience in the US, UK and much of Europe. This has included iterative and evolutionary whole of life sourcing using lean and smart techniques linked to joint solution procurement strategies tied to performance based contracting. We have also mapped all Commonwealth legislative and policy requirements for use of the internet and cloud allowing us to provide the highest quality commercially focused advice with excellent value for money.

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